Get Curious is well on its way

After a preparation phase of one month, preceded by a proposal phase also of about one month, the GetCurious campaign has reached the fevered stage of website launch.

Monday the website will be launched for real. At the moment content managers, web developpers and managers like me are working full speed to get every little bump ironed out. It is hard work, but fun at the same time. Truth be told, I can not imagine having a job that is not for a large percentage fun.

What makes a job fun for me? Having the opportunity to throw my ingenuity and creativity into the tasks needed to make an ordinary project into a truly great project. I fully believe that Get Curious will be a project that will be talked about long after we have folded the campaign in a month from now. It will have been a hot 3 months working with a great team of dedicated professionals.

I hope you are getting curious yourself now.

— stay tuned —

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